Types of Visa:

-  Business or Pleasure Visa: Extended to foreigners that will visit Honduras for tourism, business
  or family related trips, holding ordinary passports. See visa requirements.

  Simple entry: one entry, valid for 60 days. US$30.00 (Money Order)
  Multiple entry: multiple entries, valid for 1 year. US$60.00 (Money Order)

- Diplomatic Visa: Extended to Diplomatic and Consular officials or to other authorized
  Government officials of other countries, as well as International Organizations holding diplomatic
  Fees: Not aplicable

- Courtesy Visa: Extended to individuals when traveling in official missions, as members of
  sport or a cultural delegation, personnel of diplomatic or consular offices that have accreditations
  with Governments members of CA-4, and for personnel working for an International Organization
  or Institution such as OACI, Biological Diversity, IATA, not holding an official passport and are
  traveling to Honduras in an official mission.
  Fees: Not aplicable

-  Official Visa: Extended to foreign consular officials, other public officials and international
  organizations holding official passports, U.N. Laissez- Passer or OAS passport holders.
  Fees: Not aplicable


Before submitting a visa application, please read these instructions carefully and do not forget to bring ALL required documents.

1.- Completed visa application CA-4 forms.
2.- Two RECENT pictures, passport format (2” X 2”).
3.- The passport must be valid for at least 3 months beyond the last day of your intended stay in Honduras, with at least one completely blank page, other than the last page.
4.- One police statement delivered by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). In Montreal,
Complexe Guy Favre,200, Boul. René Lévesque O, suite 12ª, Tel: (514) 285-2246).
5.- Proof of immigration status in Canada.
6.- All documents relating to your dates and means of transportation or reservations.
7.- Proof of employment in your country of residence, e.g. letter from your employer. (an additional photocopy needed, if your trip is a business trip).
8.- Proof of funds relating to your trip, e.g. bank statements, an invitation letter from your business or personal contacts in Honduras; registration for a conference; a letter from your employer, etc.


Montreal, Canadá


- An interview with the
  consular agent is compulsory.

- Incomplete forms will not be
  processed. Original documents
  and photocopies must be sent to
  support your application.

- A pre-authorized visa CA-4
  takes approximately four to eight
  weeks to be approved, and this
  office will not assume any
  responsibility on the decision
  given by the Honduran

- A simple entry visa is valid for
  60 days, a multiple entry visa
  could reach one year, starting
  from the date of issuance. The
  visa can be extended once you
  are in Honduras, at the Dirección
  General de Población y Política
  Migratoria .

- To be granted with a visa does
  not guarantee entry to Honduran
  territory. Immigration officials at
  the port-of-entry have final
  authority to permit or deny entry
  to any of the countries of the

- Fees may be paid with certified
  check or money order. The
  payment must be in American
  Dollars and payable to the
  General Consulate of Honduras,
  Montreal. Personal checks or
  cash are not accepted.

- In the case of refusal of your
  application by the Honduran
  authorities, processing fees are
  not refundable.

- The Consulate reserves itself
  the right to request additional
  justification documents with
  regards to sections II, III and IV
  of the application.


Consulado de Honduras 1255 Blvd. Robert-Bourassa, Suite 500, Montreal, QC, H3B 3V8, Canada. Tel. +1 (514) 439-7151 Tel. +1 (514) 451-9717 Fax. +1 (514) 439-7152 Email correo@consuladohonduras.ca Website www.consuladohonduras.ca


Estación de Metro Mc Gill en la línea verde. Busque la salida a "Promenades Cathedrale" y al salir el edificio 1255 esta al frente.


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